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Optimal battery usage setup

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I've tried finding posts that cover this, but couldn't find one, but if there is, please point me in that direction. Apologies if i'm asking something that's been covered before (i'm surprised if it hasn't)


I recently had my system installed. I’m running 3 x Freedom Won etower batteries (5kWh each), with a Victron MPII 48/5000 inverter, and 8 x 550w panels.

I’m busy optimizing my setup, and have some questions regarding best practice to ensure optimal battery life, but also balance optimal cost saving, so using as little grid power as possible.

The system runs using PV first, then batteries, then grid.

Which means at night the batteries run down to 40% SOC, and then switches to grid. (40% SOC is in case I get loadshedding during the night).

In the morning it uses PV to run the house, and excess PV then recharges the battery.

The battery typically doesn’t go up to 100% then, it gets to around 70 or 80% by late afternoon, depending on the load and solar being generated.

It then discharges again that evening

It also means the battery switches between charging and discharging a bit during the day as PV yield goes up and down, and as the usage goes up and down. (washing machine comes on etc)



  1. What is the impact of this setup, is it an issue if it doesn’t get fully charged every day?
  2. Should I set up a scheduled charge to take it to 100% at least once a week?
  3. Does the switching between charging and discharging often have an impact on battery life?
  4. Does this impact the expected nr of cycles on the batteries?

thanks a lot for any help!

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