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Inverter Imax vs Max input current


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I found an older on grid solar inverter (new in box) and want to set it to use some how.

However I got confused when looking at the spec's to decide what it can handle.

Vmax pv 550v

Vnom pv 370v

Vmpp pv 150-500

Imax input pv 8A

Vnom ac 230v

Imax output ac 7.8A

Freq 50Hz

Pnom ac 1600W

Max DC power 1700 W

User manual states that max input current to MPP tracker is 15A (it has 1)

But on the inverter casing the Imax input PV is 8Aas mentioned above.

So my plan was to set it up with 4 Trisolar 425W Vector S panels (DE09R.08) However Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) is rated at 10.08A and short Circuit Current-ISC is rated at 10.61A.

So my questions are.

What does the Imax 8A mean and how does this make sense in regards with 15A max current for the moon tracker input?

And am I actually over the inverters limit with this suggested setup. I think I am and might have to drop the idea and go for lower W solar panels to keep under the 8A Imax pv input.

Hope someone can help.


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