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Need advice on an "Outdoor installation"

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So Im looking to install a hybrid invertor and battery system to keep me going during load shedding , and then later adding panels. My first goal is just keep some sort of normal live going when eskom cant.

So I live in a small complex and our body corporate has given permission for owners to install solar provided its through proper installers so on and so on. But where my question comes in is , I dont have a garage and i dont want to install this inside my house, I have a small patio outside that is partially covered . Im happy to extend the patio roof or build an enclosure if needed.

I have found invertors and batteries that are IP 65 rated. However can it be installed outside and still be compliant ?  the wall I plan to install everything on is in the shade the whole day and cant get rained on , however its still "outside" 

Anyone with any sort of experience with an outdoor installation  

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Most inverters require installation away from rain and direct sunlight. They also prescribe minimum distances for ventilation. However, for outdoors you want to get an inverter that is basically sealed. If air is drawn over circuit boards or through filters, these will clog up with dust.

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