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I need advice from some experts please?

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Hi All,

I purchased a ABB PVI-5000-OUTD-S-US-Z-A (240V) about 3 years ago, still brand new in the box, Grid tide inverter and now recently 12 x Canadian Solar 330W panels with its mounting structure.

Now unfortunately when I bought my house 6 years ago I changed it to prepaid meter not knowing better at the time. Conlog IP54 (wUIU) Radio freg meter.

My problem I was told is that the system will feed back into the Grid what I don't use and I will be charged for something I'm giving to the Municipality (Not good) 

Now I'm considering, either selling the inverter and buying a Hybrid or adding another UPS inverter with a small bank of batteries enough to carry life supporting systems (low use)

The problem according to some Solar shop experts is getting the (freq shift) between the two inverters so they can talk to each other?? now this is where I'm loosing the plot

I was also told it is illegal to feed back into the grid in South Africa, why Grid tide inverters then?

Also Somebody said that I should change my meter to a 4 Quadrant meter (Ekurhuleni)

Some guidance will be greatly appreciated.



Conlog IP54.GIF

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