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Non-Dimmable LED Downlights


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So this weekend I tried to swop my existing 50W Osram downlights with 4W LED lights. The problem is the existing downlights were on a dimmer switch and now when I change all the lights to LEDs they stay on even the switch is off (LEDs are non-dimmable). If I leave one of the older bulbs in then they go off and even dim.

The switch is the one you hold down which cycles between max/min brightness. I don't mind losing the ability to dim the lights but does that mean I will need to change the switch or is the an easier solution that I'm overlooking.


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The dimmer control module is designed to have a small current flowing through it even when "off" - this is used to keep the electronic control circuit powered so that it can react to button presses etc.  While this current is too low to power up the 50W downlights, it is sufficient to keep low-power LED bulbs partly illuminated.

There are two of solutions:

  • Remove the dimmer module and fit a regular on/off switch. This makes the most sense if you are not fitting dimmable LEDs.
  • Some lighting suppliers stock a "dummy load" that one fits in parallel to the light bulbs. This passes the low-level current that keeps the dimmer switch happy and the LEDs should then operate correctly.
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