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Need Help with DIY Solar Panel Setup for Current Prep Situation


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TLDR: With current resources available, how can I setup these panels (parallel, series/string, and how many, etc)? And are my components ok for now (or should I add/exchange)?

I'm working on a solar panel setup for my families house that wont be grid tied in right now. Maybe later once situation with Covid19 clears up and it would be easier to get right supplies and permitting setup with city. I purchase the solar panels new locally (which I rather not return) and ordered other components from Amazon and Home Depot (which can be returned/exchanged). Let me list out what I have:

2 @ BestEquip 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Auto Battery Regulator PV 150V MAX Input MPPT Charge Controller Finger Touch Interface for Solar Panel and Lithium Battery

1 @ AIMS Power PWRINV500048W Power Inverter, 5000 Watt Max Continuous Power, 48V, 10000 Watts Peak Surge Power, Modified Sine Wave, Cooling Fan Thermally Controlled, AC Direct Connect Terminal

4 @ EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Marine & RV Battery, Group Size 29DC

I was planning to have a 48v system with 5kw and 120/110v AC (ideally would like 240/220 but might be out current budget)

Here are my questions. I've been researching these like crazy and sites either point to spam, solar company sales sites, or pinterest for some reason.

- What configuration should I do my panels in, parallel, series/stringed, and how many?
- What sort of combiner box should I get for above setup?
- Would I need another charge controller for the setup (I know the ones I do have are not as robust but with logistics/resources slowing down trying to make something work)?
- Can I ground each panel to the rails (unistruts) and then ground the unistruts to system (combiner box, down other components then to ground) or do/should I run a continuous wire that connects to all panels, rails and then down?

Once I know this, I can research what gauge of wire I should need as it would give me an idea of W, V, A are going through, was thinking of 10AWG for the DC wires from panels to combiner box and then maybe something thicker from there to inverter. And of course even thicker for battery terminals.

Thanks in advance.

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