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Hi All

I searched previous topics, but failed to find a solution to a problem i am experiencing with my installation. Hopefully you can either assist or point me in the right direction.

I have a 5KW Solax Hybrid inverter (SK-SU500E - image attached) with 8 x Canadian Solar 350 Watt panels and 4 x 200AH lead crystal batteries. The whole setup is installed and wired according to manufacturer's specification (image attached) taking SANS 10142 and local requirements in consideration (Helderberg Area in Cape Town - part of COCT). The grid feedback limiter CT is in the correct position (image attached). The problem is i notice that excess power generated by the system is registered as consumption. I communicated with Solax in China and one of their technical assistant informed me that the installation seems correct (in so-so translated english), and that the problem is with the meter. He informed me that i must install either a CHINT, EASTRON or Gavazzi meter that should be compatible.

The system was installed at a friends house (he changed due to only 2500 Watt available in EPS mode) for about a year and worked 100% (no prepaid meter installed and he is a fairly heavy power consumer 40 kilowatts per day average). I have an Actaris meter (see image)use about 10 units a day on average. The system produces more energy than i need and obviously a lot of excess energy.The export control setting is set at 00000 Watts, but it seems to attempt to feed up to 800 watt back to the grid - especially when house consumption is very low.. I notice this on three separate ways: The phone application indicates grid feedback (see image), but unfortunately only updates every 5 minutes, so not real time. I have a clamp meter around the live wire that supplies the inverter as well as around the live wire that supplies the installation. The installation will draw 150-200 watts and the current on the wire supplying the inverter will register between 800-1200 watts (sunny conditions). I also then notice the red light (1000 pulse per kw) blinking faster. As soon as i disconnect the inverter etc, the current on the clamp meter around inverter live drops to zero, around the house consumption to approximately 200-250 watts and the blinking rate decreased significantly.

I notice that when i increase the consumption and apply a constant load of example 1500 watts to increase the total consumption to approximately 2000 watts, the system will supply enough current to bring the demand down to approximately 300-400 watts. The problem is i rarely use a lot of power...I played around with the CT position for example before the prepaid meter ( makes no difference), around the wire supplying the inverter (immediately increases consumption on the prepaid meter). It is no positioned on the live between the prepaid meter and main circuit breaker (as per spec).

A few questions based on the information above:

  • Anyone experience a similar problem;
  • I am not sure why the inverter transfers current to the installation when export is set at zero. I can live with the approximate 50 watt as per other discussions on the forum, but as mentioned this goes up to 800+watts.
  • What is the process in Cape Town area - i heard about installing a bi-directional meter (at R13 000) and can then export, but i am not interested in exporting.
  • I heard about another meter COCT supply (free of charge) that is able to process exported power without registering it as consumption. One then have to purchase(?) tokens to disable feedback? Any knowledge on the process or contact persons?
  • Is there any other equipment one can install post meter to counter this problem?
  • I read that the only inverters that do not give this problem is Victron? Is it possible to save my investment and not have to purchase a new inverter?

Thank you for assisting - my setup is currently switched off and of no use due to increasing my power bill.




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