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Generator/ATS information

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Looking for advice or installer that can assist with the below-

During March I installed a Growatt 5kva invertor along with 10x 380 watt panels and 4x 200ah 12V Gel Deep cycle batteries from Allgrand. Initially the idea was to never have load shedding again which has been successful smiley.gif.
Pushing the batteries to 50% DOD showed that we could go off-grid for 8-10 hours. After the April Eskom price increase we did some more math's and realized we could just as well expand the system with another 4x 200ah batteries to give us 9kwh at 50% DOD and kick Eskom eventually down the line. Our rent for a 3 phase 25kva feed from Eskom is R1 992.00 exc vat (std for farms in Pretoria east) and that's just rent and doesn't include any actually power usage.

Last weeks cold front along with the rain and overcast weather for Pretoria showed us that the system can cope, but only to a point and will fail to charge the batteries and carry our load especially when it rains. Accounting for last years long rain spell or our normal rainy season just adding more panels or batteries isn't cost effective when the system as is will work 90% of the time.

So we are thinking of supplementing the solar system with a 5 - 7kva generator to help charge the batteries\carry our load on those odd days when it rains too much after Eskom has been disconnected.
The invertor comes with a "AGS - automatic generator start" contact but the solar installer has no experience using it. Googling around and speaking with generator suppliers it appears that in SA we only get "ATS" enabled generators and no one can tell me if that connector/cable will work with Growatt's "AGS" - I would like the invertor (as sold) to automatically start and stop a generator as needed when the battery banks voltage drops to below 48V \ 50% DOD.

Is their anyone here that has implemented the above for a Growatt invertor successfully or any advice on another workable solution so I can go off-grid completely?

Thank you.

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