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Micro Soldering Training


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Not sure about training courses, sorry, but there are plenty of Youtube videos showing micro soldering techniques. I would watch a few of them and then try to practice on something that you don't mind breaking. If you know the basic techniques then it is really just about practice.

I guess it does depend on what you consider micro, but if you have decent equipment (fine tip soldering iron, hot air pencil and decent flux), then it should be no problem to do some relatively fine stuff.

With some ok equipment (magnum SMD rework station) and no 'training' I have gotten pretty good at soldering what I consider fine things such as 0603 resistors and caps, fine pitch TQFP and even QFN components. I do struggle with soldering exposed thermal pads under some ICs and obviously BGAs are a problem. Smaller than 0603 is hard by hand and I have done a few 0402 components but the results didn't look great even though they 'worked'.


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