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Morning Fellow Solar Guru's

Just would like to know any of you installed a T10 before?

I have the opportunity to do this and would like to know is it really as good as they... ( pause for effect)...  yes "they" say it is.

Couple  of Q's.

1. Apparently only one size of battery can be used with the T10, Is this True. and what might it be.?

2. Is it Really a GoodWe re branded? Better ? Your Thoughts?

3. Is the Online software really that good that online the system can not only be monitored but remote be reconfigured "Tweaked" like the GW.

4. Do you really need the High Voltage Control box on the T10? ( Ill send pictures of this if i need to clarify ) 

5. Do you need the HV Combiner on the T5 range?




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