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Newbie and confused

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Greetings All,

I've just recently had a grid-tied solution installed and am a little confused as to what is going on. The manual for the inverter is not very helpful.

So my setup is as follows:

Kodak H4.6 Hybrid Inverter

Pylontech US3000 Battery

8 Panels

Segen Data Logging Stick (Wifi accessory for Inverter)

Currently, the system is set to Auto. Last night, 8th October 2020, was the first time the system was active.

What's happening and I don't fully understand why but during the day, our load on average hovers around 0.55KW and 0.70KW. When there's no clouds, according to the Inverter's screen, the panels are supplying close to 2.8KW. Based on our load, even at peak for the day, the system is using the electricity generated by the panels and at the same time, is discharging from the battery... why? Why would it need use the battery when the panels are generating more than sufficient energy? It has now discharged the battery to it's minimum of 20% and is currently charging from both the panels and from municipal power.

Also, I noticed last night that the battery had charged up to around 89% and discharged to it's lowest 20% within 45 minutes. Our average load last night was between 0.75KW and 0.80KW. Why is the battery discharging so quickly? Didn't think that 0.8KW was all that much of a draw on the system that the battery would discharge so quickly.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a free remote monitoring mobile app over wifi? The Segen Data Logging Stick is connected to my network and during setup, when I completed the connection wizard, a message is shown along the lines of "Congratulations! You data logging stick setup is complete. System will now reboot to apply changes. Please visit our management portal or download the app". Which is great that it's working but what is the management portal's address and/or what's the name of the app I need to download? The manual for the stick only contains instructions on how to setup the stick. There's no web address or reference to any mobile app. In all honesty, the manual is effectively a very small pamphlet that has been folded enough just so that it'll fit in the box the stick came in.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.



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