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Goodwe & Sems portal - no internet->data are lost


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I have an inverter brabd Goodwe model GW2000-XS. I am using Sems portal. It happens as follow. If inverter has not internet connection for some hours, let's say from 1 to max 24 - 36 hours, when internet connection is again available datas are uploaded in the sems portal, so i can monitor production datas and so on. But if the delay is bigger, for example a couple of days or a week or more datas are completely lost so the monitoring is absolutely useless and you work on fake data because in the previous days it says produced 0kw and so on.

If for example the photovoltaic system is in an isolated area and once per week you go there and you give internet connection to the inverter, it uploads just the last 2 days of data if you are lucky. So i can affirm that sems portal is the scariest and absolutely worst monitoring system i ever saw or meet. For me is as an horror movie. I never saw a photovoltaic monitoring system working in this bad way. Absolutely useles, weak, and i stop here because i should use other words. Bad words

Is there a way to pull or to force the goodwe inverter to upload to the sems portal all the missing data? Is it possible that the goodwe inverter has such small memory storage for production data? Does somebody else have the same problem? Is it possible that the olny solution is to throw away in the trash this goodwe inverter and to buy another one from a better brand?


Any answer will be very appreciated



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