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Maximum Eskom permitted Grid Charging current and Inverter Overload

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25% of NMD = 15 Amps AC for Single Phase Domestic Supply

This is 3,450 Watts on the AC side, there are losses to take into account which means 70Amps on a battery charging at 54Volts

Controlling overload when charging on a dark day is no simple task, especially if your customer is single phase with heavy usage, heavy usage customers have more battery and hence on a dark day the battery is way under capacity and you want a lot of grid power to charge it, if your customer draws 8kW and you add 3,450 to that you are going to get a problem, heavy usage users tend to have bigger inverters eg 10kW, which can handle the 8kW load, but that won't prevent overload conditions, if you allow the more powerful inverter to grid charge with more than the 25% grid charging permitted by Eskom then the likelihood of overload goes up exponentially.

On a Victron system there is DVCC to limit charge current to the maximum permitted 25%, but sometimes a larger domestic supply is the only answer

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