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  1. Hi William, I definately won't add batteries to my setup just for geyser. I don't know if my inverter has a Aux load. It is an Axpert inverter. How/where can I check if it does have a Aux load? I am thinking of a PTC element, because it load isn't constant like a normal element. Its load drops a bit as the water temperature increase. And I think I will add a geyserwise timer/controller. I am also thinking of preheating the incomning water with a pvc pipe coil.
  2. Thanks guys. It looks like I will go back to the donkey system since I have endless doringhout supply. (Just kidding). I have heard about a solar element, 2kw during suntime and 1kw during no sun. Looks like the cheapest option too. Ps 5kw PV, 5kw Axpert + 10kw Revov
  3. I'm on solar now for 6 months, but geyser (200lt, 3kw) is still on Eskom. I want to go completely off grid. Which is the best geyser alternative? Solar, high pressure/low pressure, retrofit or gas? Considering purchase price etc.
  4. Hi, I have a SOL-I-AX-5NB axpert inverter. It started recently to trip the power between 10 and 11 am, when the batteries are fully charged. The system is off-grid with 3 x 2,4kw Pylontech US2000. Is there a setting that I can change or is the inverter damaged? The inverter also has no output to Pi4.
  5. Yes, connecting to BMS with special supplied cable. So I guess ICC reads SOC from BMS. All settings (Full, medium, low) of the battery is the same as before, also when to charge from grid and when to stop etc.
  6. Looking for an answer. I have 5kw Axpert with 10kw Revov batteries and ICC Pi3. After lightning yesterday, the system is a bit confused. Battery volts are 55 which is full, but SOC shows only 36%. All else is working fine. Please advise.
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