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  1. I have taken pics of the inverter box itself but unfortunately I cannot upload it. It doesn’t allow me to upload more than 1 pic (or 3mb) per day :( will post them up tomorrow and the day after.
  2. Thanks Coulomb. Yes, the pic I posted was of the main distribution box. So I guess I need to have the circuit breakers adjusted as you have advised. Have called the electrician and he said he will come in the week. Is this picture below an RCBO for the inverter? It is found in the box just below the inverter. The mains must have tripped last night and the batteries ran till they were dead this morning. I have changed the settings this morning back to original settings and have not had a trip since (touch wood). It doesn’t seem to be tripping when it is set in Utility mo
  3. Many Thanks for your most valuable input Coulomb. As per your questions: 1. I will take a photo of the distribution board with the cover off post it up tomorrow. The main switch is tripping on the main DB board itself which is quite a distance (maybe 5 meters) away from the inverter. See attached pic below. The mains (on the extreme left) is tripping. 2. Will try play around with the settings on setting 12 and 13 and also review the maximum charge current and minimum battery voltage settings. To my knowledge the minimum battery voltage is set at 42v and the maximum charg
  4. Do you perhaps know what the float and absorb voltage settings should be for the battery I have as above? Could this be causing the tripping? Also it has been quite overcast today... minimal sunshine. Could this be a factor contributing to the problem? Many thanks. Sorry for all the questions. Just not sure what to do.
  5. I have no idea. Unfortunately not sure what circuit breaker is used. Definitely wasn’t tripping (as it was fine for the last 3 weeks) when I had the initial setting 1 on Utility, setting 12 was on 48V and setting 13 on 54V. Also had setting 16 non CSO. I have attached some pics to show you the setup. This morning after the mains were tripped about 4 times, I increased setting 12 to 53V (from 52V) as I noticed it was switching a lot. Will monitor from here on.
  6. Hi Coulomb I have changed the settings to what you have advised. This morning the mains on my dB board had tripped three times under load. Any idea what could be the problem?
  7. Thank you so much Coulomb. Really appreciate all your help and assistance. Also thank you for sharing Chris Hobson’s attachment with me. Helps a great deal!
  8. Thank you Coulomb! Really appreciate the feedback! Will try those settings and let you know how it goes. As for all the other settings can I leave them the same? (I’m assuming they are on the default settings). The attached pic is the Leoch batteries which I have:
  9. The settings I refer to above are the following : Also, can running the system this way cause any damage to the lithium ion batteries? Or perhaps reduce their life span?
  10. Hi all. I needed some assistance and was wondering if anyone will be able to assist. Please excuse my ignorance as I have no background electrical knowledge whatsoever. I recently had a solar inverter system setup at my business 3 weeks ago. I was informed that I could only use the system as a back up power supply during power outages as the power generated by the solar panels was not sufficient to power my business during the day and charge the lithium ion batteries... which were draining over the evening. To my knowledge it was set up for off grid use (SBU setting 1). Later
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