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  1. Thanks @Centurionsolar, I'll drop you an email shortly.
  2. Good afternoon, I'm also getting issues with ICC Not starting up successfully. Currently have an USB not resetting error in the logs. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks @Centurionsolar - that worked, i can now change the inverter mode manually again. But now, how do i set it to switch to SUB based on the timetable? Also, can I have both SOC and Time control on... for example: - I want it to use SUB from 5am - 9am and again from 4pm - 8pm - it can use SBU during the rest of the periods - but still keeping to the SOC control of (43 to SUB) and (55 to SBU) Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi All, I have an Axpert King Inverter with 12 Solar Pannels and 2 X Pylontech UBS3000 batteries. I have ICC on PI linked up and it was working nicely - monitoring and managing the inverter mode through the Battery control tab settings of ICC. I had a scenario where both inverter and PI and was restarted. Since then the ICC is monitoring as it did previously, but does not control the Inverter mode anymore I've tried through both the SOC setting and / or the Time based settings. Its not making the switch as expected. I can also see that the "Change Inverter mode"
  5. I've seen the comments on the "copy" axperts... very sad and tricky to manage. I'll try to make sure I get the real deal. @Dex_, do you mind elaborating on the pylontech integration?
  6. Thanks Dex. I take it you have an Axpert King. What is your experience with it and how long have you had it?
  7. Thanks Plonkster. Appreciate the reply. I'll scout around for more info. Just tricky to go for blue with the budget available.
  8. Thanks for the quick feedback @Coulomb and @plonkster - really appreciate it! With the price difference at play I'd like to go for the Axpert King, but what I'm hearing is that I might still miss out on using solar power if the load is more than what the "high voltage DC pipe" of the Axpert King supports. How can I check what that threshold is? And typically what consumption - normal household equipment will match the same? Any other "critical" reason to go for Victron Easysolar instead? (for basic household use. Want to limit utility bill and keep fridges a
  9. Hi, I'm new to the world of solar and would appreciate some clarity on the Axpert King Inverter 5kva... Can it mix solar and utility power the same way a victron easysolar can? Thanks, B
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