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  1. Good Day I have put together a few solar systems for a few lights and charging cellphones. However I need to put a system together to run a fridge and a few lights for a few hours. No idea where to start. What solar panels to get, inverter needed, solar controller etc. Any advice appreciated.
  2. Thank You Sir. I suspected the same but wanted to get a neutral opinion.
  3. Good Day I have a damaged 200 W solar panel from a customer. I have attached a picture, can anyone advise what the cause of the damage might have been?
  4. Thanks very much plonkster especially the details I am not too clued up on. I will be using a gel battery I assume they are better than lead acid
  5. Good Day I'm putting together a system just to run 3 x 5w led lights and a 48W TV I will run the following with one day battery backup 3 x 5W led lights for 8 hours a day 1 x 48W TV for 5 hours I won't put all my calculation but just the results. Any corrections welcome. 1 Total PV panels energy needed 676 Watts 2 Size the PV panel 141 Watts 3 Inverter sizing 260 Watts 4 Battery sizing 85 A/h 5 Solar charge controller sizing 11.128 Amp Thank you
  6. Thank you sir. So should I not connect the inverter to the output/load of the charge controller? I assumed the controller offers more protection by monitoring the battery etc. If I connect the solar panel and the battery to the solar controller, and then also connect the battery directly to the inverter, is this an acceptable setup? Will the inverter switch off before the battery runs down and then the solar controller will recharge the batteries from the solar panels. Hope I explained that clearly .
  7. Hi Ironman Thank you for the detailed reply. 1) I don't know the voltage cutoff of the inverter, because the inverter shuts down as soon as I plug in the heater 2) I have attached a picture of the battery with the cables 3) I made a mistake it should be resistive load, I was also testing an airconditioner (inductive) with the same result. 4) I have uploaded some pictures of my setup. "When trying to draw 650W from the inverter, it will be drawing about 720W (including inefficiencies) from the battery - and at 12V, that is 60 Amp." According to your point above I am guessing it is my solar controller 40A is too small to handle the 60Amp current and that is why it shuts down? Does that sound right? We bypassed the controller and the inverter does not shut down and powers the heater. Regards
  8. I am very new to this solar stuff, hope somebody can advise on the issue I'm experiencing. I have the following: 1200 W Pure sine wave inverter Make :Devel Model No : GD-6236 Solar controller 40A (Make : Easton) 100Ah (Allgrande Gel Battery VRLA Model : 6-CNFJ-100) + 120Ah ( G-energy Gel Battery Model : DG12-120) wired in parallel (fully charged) Heater with inductive load 650W 1 X Mono Solar panel 160W (Make : Oushang) The 1200W inverter + Solar panel + batteries are all connected to the solar controller The heater 650W is plugged into the inverter. I turn on the heater and the inverter shuts down after a few seconds. I assumed 1200 W pure sine inverter would be able to handle a 650 W heater. However it just shuts off after few seconds. Any tips appreciated. Thank you
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