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  1. Thank you for a the useful information. It is really helpful to speak to someone, rather than having to search for all the info on the internet and having to filter out if the info is relevant or just a bunch of false info. I really appreciate your help @Coulomb I just had one last question for now. What is happening with the excess solar energy that the panels are producing? That is once the batteries are fully charged and your usage is under the generated amount? Will the excess energy be pushed back into the grid/utility ? Will the inverters just switch to batteries and leave the panels?
  2. I know that the above are recommended values, but they're very high. Having 27 the same as 26 certainly avoids the premature float bug; if it goes to float too early, it doesn't matter, since it will be targeting the same voltage. You could take them down to as low as 51.8 V. What would these changes affect? Like I said I'm new to Solar. Should I just set both 26 and 27 to 51.8V? Am I correct in saying that the Float voltage is the amount of current needed to keep the battery in its tip top condition once it's fully charged, and ready to be used?
  3. Morning. Thanks for the reply. Model Name on Inverters : SMD LynX 5000-48. Program 1 was set that the utility is used @ night. I changed it to Sbu. Programs currently set. -1. Sbu 12. Currently on 48V (adjusted it yesterday according to other posts I saw om the forum, installer set it to 49V) 13. Currently @ 51V (changed according to values ive seen on other discussions. Installer had it set to 53V. 16. Cso 26. 53.2 27. 53.2V 29. 45.5 ( adjustment made according to values from other discussions. Installer had it set to 47V) Aircon Specs : attached via photo. I'm completely new to the solar world. I'm also currently seeing that the panels are only bringing in +- 3 Kw. It is fairly sunny outside. Is the 3kw displayed what is left after the batteries are taking their share to get charged? Sorry for all these questions... Just trying to get as much info as possible.
  4. Any help would be greatly appreciated please
  5. Hi. PJJ. Averge are currently selling to the public. I phoned them and confirmed that the batteries are not stolen and they confirmed that the installer bought directly from them. The publicly sold batteries are branded differently and are labeled as Averge Solar Batteries. Not Averge Telecommunications Batteries.
  6. Averge are currently selling to the public. I phoned them to confirm that these batteries are legitimate.
  7. Also want to add that the inverters signal a low battery warning when the batteries reach 48-48.5V. But the charge level indicator on the battery is still showing 4/4 (full)
  8. Hi all. We recently had a solar system installed, but I'm not fully confident in the way it is currently programmed. It is mainly focusing to run on mains and it switches back to mains before the batteries reach 48V. The batteries are also being charged trough the mains during the night and by the time the panels kick in then the batteries are full. I was just looking into getting some tips and possibly some recommendations on the best possible setup/settings for the inverters. Installation : 2x 48V 5Kw Axpert Inverters connected in Parallel 18x 270W Solar panels 3 x 100ah (300AH total) 48V Averge Lithium Batteries I'm looking into utilizing the system to it's full potential to try and get of the grid as much as possible. Looking into expanding the battery capacity down the line also. The Geyser, swimming pool pump, stove/oven, and one Aircon is still connected to the mains. The installed system is currently carrying the plugs, lights, fridges and then a Inverter Aircon. Will the connected Inverter Aircon be a problem? Will appreciate any input to try and maximize this system. Please find attached the battery specs. Thank you


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