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  1. Hi all, Although I live abroad these days my family is still in Joburg, and the load shedding doesn't seem to get any better soon. They're not very technical so often I set up stuff for them when I'm visited, I've already installed a gas cooker on the back porch so they can at least finish cooking when load shedding starts during the afternoon. Also there's one of these Magneto lanterns from Game in each room and so far so good. No TV etc during load shedding is fine and if they're working from home these days, their laptop battery should be able to last them around 4 hours if its fully charged at the beginning. Only thing now is the fridge and freezer, there already has been some spoilage and it seems that it won't be better soon so when I'm back I want to chuck the freezer on an UPS. Lead acid is a tat cheaper but since I don't see the situation improve in the coming years it might be better to go straight for lithium, it's smaller and more ready for long term operation, so eventually it's perhaps even cheaper? For a pretty much standard fridge/freezer combo I think those ellies trollies might be a bit overpowered, a 1000W inverter should be enough to deal with compressor startup right? It's a bit hard to judge what is needed and available/already proven from abroad...
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