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  1. Good day Busy building a store and wish to feed it with its own DB from the main I already have 2 flats each with its own sub db Will another one be allowed?
  2. I'm looking for a single phase power monitor that monitors voltage too. Single phase is fine Bonus if it is WiFi capable, but as long as it can log at least 5s apart Im good
  3. I do it fairly. The bill is based on percentage used (which probably puts hurts me, but I'd rather have renters and a bill hurting than no renters and a small bill). For me it is also not worth the hassle of sub-metered kwh units (unless I can get two metered connections directly from the municipality). Back to the main topic, thanks for everyone's input so far. I have had my eye on a few inverters so far but had been mis-informed about only the Victron being able to blend. I will go and see which one best suits my needs and go with that far now. I have a feeling that the savings
  4. That's what I did already. Usage get distributed between the three units. Unfortunately running all of this from one metered connection puts an awful lot of the kwh used in the maximum price bracket. (I average about 1100 kwh) Tony 700 kwh Skoonma and me 400
  5. Well from utility side it likely will not be an option as they are very reluctant to install a second feed around here and the municipal electrician told me he won't connect a second prepaid. It would have worked a charm though as the cost involved would likely be covered in the first 4 months of not have such a high max bracket usage since there will now be two meters registered. Will try and push harder on that one
  6. True about the efficiency, but R2500 (gas) and installation vs R11000 (solar electric. We have lot of overcast days and they are paying tenants so "deal with it" will likely not go well. If it was just me, sure, my SO.. maybe... Paying tenants nah) and installation does make a difference. It also means I can safely have a smaller system without needing to worry that two 2kW elements kick in at the same time and sends the system belly up. To the other poster chastising me on my units, sorry, it came out as a flood of text but I'm sure you yourself understand the concepts just as we
  7. Yes that electrician is me. I'm an industrial electrician who mainly do faultfinding on MCC panels and motors. I also on the odd occasion do faultfinding on VSD's, mostly LV ones ( oe oe I should really tell you about our 11kV softstarter, that thing is a beast lolol, filled to the brim with plc's and wizardry but anyways. It mostly idles though but even at idle will burn through my electricity bill in mere seconds minutes if not seconds lol). Why am I telling you this?L Speak your gibberish and techspeak, I can follow Allow me to sketch my prentjie with you. At the evenings I go home an
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