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  1. 1 battery is sold, have 2 more, but only selling them when I have funds to replace them with bigger batteries Cabinet is still up for grabs
  2. price drop Battery : R13 500 Cabinet : R3 200
  3. Item: Us3000 battery Age: just over 1 year Price: R14000 Warranty: yes Condition: still very good SOH= 98% cycles=330 Location: Kempton Park Reason: got bigger battery Shipping: pref not Collection: yes Item: Pylontech 3 bay battery cabinet Age: just over a year Price: R3500 Condition: still good Location: Kempton park Reason: not needed Shipping: pref not Collection: yes
  4. Do you have a pi in between the battery and inverter? I had 1 battery( out of 3) that didn't want to charge completely, and even when just plugging that 1 into system separately it didn't want to fully charge. That's when I discovered that 1 or 2 cells was faulty in it, had it verified by the seller and replaced
  5. Thanks a lot for the info I am currently running 10mm cable to the inverter just be be on the safe side
  6. Not sure if I have the model wrong? The manual says it can (OGX 5.48 model)
  7. Hi there I currently have 1 Kodak 5kw vm2 installed with 3 pylontech batteries and 9 panels connected. i have another inverter that i want to parallel with it and then split the solar between the 2 What is the correct way to connect the second inverter to the rest from the actual power cables perspective ? I asked a few electricians but they all have mixed answers. Can you tap into the eskom power from the other inverter or do you need to have an extra breaker close to the inverters and feed both from that? ( my breaker from eskom to inverter is in my main DB in my house and about 25m away from the inverters) And i guess from the batteries to inverters would also just be spilt after the breaker/fuse?
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