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  1. What could be the problem if the inverter is tripping?
  2. Thanks Gerrie. I am going to try this. I was told I needed a voltage regulator which I am not so sure is needed....
  3. I was recently sold an Advanced Energy Robotics 5kw inverter. I could find much on the web about this inverter but starting to worry about the overall quality of the product. Found a 'Must' brand is identical to the Advanced energy robotics one I have. I am assuming that it was rebranded for SA. Any comments on this brand and whether it is at all compliant to regulations.?
  4. I only recently found out about NRS097 which is apparently the standard detailing solar spesifications etc. I recently bought an 'advanced energy robotolics' 5KW inverter and 1 lithium battery (3kwp) with 12 360w solar panals. Apparently the voltage coming from eskom is too high (242 instead of 230) and therefore the inverter trips when the powers turns back on after loadshedding. I was told that the system is not NRS097 compliant by a different company who I consulted. How do I know if this is true and if so, would I be in a position legally to claim a refund from the supplier? Any help appreciated.
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