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Lightning damage



Hi everyone

I have had some serious lightning damage to my solar installation during which the inverter and lithium-ion battery were damaged and repaired by a local supplier. The 5kVA Firestar inverter’s motherboard and the 4.8kW Ultra Energy Lithium-ion’s BSM were replaced.

It is setup as solar first and only revert to the Eskom grid when the battery reached 48V back to grid voltage and back to discharge voltage of 51V.

Unfortunately, my system is not performing as previously. The first time it reverts to the Eskom grid, Eskom (or inverter) charge the battery to 48.8V only and then return to battery. After 20 minutes at a 9% system discharge load the system again switches back to Eskom to repeat the same over and over again every 20 to 30 minutes until daylight and the PV input took over.

I then increased the back to discharge voltage setting from 51 to 54V as it seems if the battery is not fully charged. This caused the system to remain on Eskom and never switched back to battery mode and was thus compelled to switch the latter setting back to 51V.

However, during the day the panels keeps the battery 100% full.

1.       Can someone please assist me with advice to overcome this problem?

2.       Which software can you recommend as the Watch Power v 1.04 SP1 cannot assist me with monitoring the system properly?


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