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Advice on Small Lithium-based Setup to Beat Loadshedding


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Hi Everyone

Like all of South Africa I'm trying to reduce loadshedding's impact by keeping a few things powered. My power needs aren't too crazy:

  • 300 watt continuous draw, perhaps bursting to 500 watts for a few seconds.
  • Total energy needed probably only around 600 watt-hours over 2.5 hours of loadshedding. 
  • I'm renting so can't cable into the DB, so the inverter/charger will need to have a plug/input for mains power to recharge the battery, and an outlet that I can attach a multi-plug to that devices will draw power from.
  • Keen to use a lithium battery for improved cycle count and DoD.

Which inverter/charger and battery combo will work best for this? I thought that a single Hubble S-100 100ah 12v battery would suffice along with a RTC 12v Axpert inverter/charger.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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