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AICC RPi download

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2 minutes ago, cvzyl said:

I think you need ICC Pi. It contains only the ICC program. The Pi Image is a complete OS plus the software preconfigured. As you already have the Pi with OS up and running you only need the ICC program.

OK, thanks, that makes sense. If I had know there was a preconfigured version I would have used that - great idea. Just out of interest, what is the MQQT version?

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2 minutes ago, cvzyl said:

It is a Windows based app that you can run as a remote display, either on your local network or via the internet. You can see the trends and data from the inverter live.

Ah, yes, I remember seeing discussions about that. So that is separate from any VNC RD you may set up to control the software and inverters remotely? Perhaps just a view only app for data views? I see the new site is under development so nothing yet in the "Help" area. I think there is an install.txt file in the zip so I'll see if I can manage to get it all set up with that. If I have problems I'll come back here for advice. Thanks for the info.

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