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SunSynk MPPT Channels not operating in sync


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Hi everyone

I have noticed that my SunSynk 5kW inverter does not draw power from my two MPPT strings equally as the solar input increases in the morning. I have two strings of 5 x 460W panels each and the two rows are positioned one below the other. Both strings get full sun within 5 to 10 mins of each other, still it sometimes takes MPPT 1 up to an hour after string 2 to "kick in" and start delivering current to the inverter.

The voltage of MPPT 1 will increase well above that of MPPT 2 (since there is no current draw), then finally drop to match MPPT 2 as the current starts to flow. To my understanding, the voltages are well above the minimum MPPT Input Range of 125 to 420V as indicated in the manual (Startup Voltage is stated as 150V). See attached graphs of the issue.

Something else that is interesting is, whenever I see this, the time is usually around 9h30. I have no System Mode settings that would point to this specific time being an issue. I charge my battery during this time with excess power since "Load Priority" is ticked. Also, it seems to only happen when it is a clear day.

I have eliminated thermal issues (I installed a 120x120mm fan blowing up through the heat sink at the back which I installed early this summer when I saw DC temps go up to 80 C, now peaks are 60 C).

Has anyone else seen this behavior with the SunSynk inverters?

P.S. I am running on firmware version M (have requested update yesterday)

MPPT Data for Arrays.png

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