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Voltronic Axpert VMIII pulsating lights


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Greetings to you all, 

I've been a guest reader for quite some time now, and now I have my own question. 

Here I have an installation of an Axpert VMIII, 6x 550w Jinko panels, 2x 240Ah LA batteries. Prior to installing the VMIII the installation had another voltronic offshoot, replaced twice due to this dilemma situation. 

Some LED lights, fridge and microwave lights exhibit continuous pulsation (as opposed to random flicker or flicker upon loading household items), only during solar charging times and tend to fluctuate in frequency depending on time of day and battery charge cycle. 

This does not occur when grid or generator power is on, or when running off batteries. 


Solutions tried:

- Rechecked all wiring, connections (6mm2 DC cabling about 15m long, 6mm2 AC cables about 20m long)

- Stable 50hz frequency, stable voltage at 230v. 

- Installed clip on magnet EMI on -+ DC lines near panels and again near electric board....no effect

- Installed a 20A AC EMI line filter on AC Output...no effect

- Exchanged twice the voltronic clone, same results. And now on a 2nd original VMIII unit...no effect.

- System properly grounded. 

Hints to ponder on: The pulsation is quite minimal now on the VMIII barely noticeable, until the fridge compressor kicks in (again only during daytime solar charging times). The frequency of pulsation seems to follow the compressor cycle. I moved the line filter to the fridge...no result. 

This super mild pulsation seems to occur on light load (less than 350w), disappears when any type of considerable load is added (over 2-3 amps), gets alot worse when fridge compressor kicks in. 

Any solution/contribution/ideas from anyone? I ran out of idead :)

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