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Power consumption increases when grid is connected


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Hi All, 

I have the following situation and was wondering if anyone has any ideas what it could be - my installer hasn't been able to explain it so far. 

I have a Deye 12kw hybrid inverter and 2 x Felicity Solar batteries. I've noticed that when the grid is switched on, as a backup, my energy usage is much higher than when the grid is off, even though the even shows no power coming from the grid. For example: the batteries are full, all the power the house is using is coming from the panels, the grid is off and the house is using 3kw. If I switch the grid on, the grid draw is 0 because it's a sunny day and the panels can supply enough, but the house usage climbs dramatically, to around 5 or 6kw (the amount is climbs is variable, but often around double). As soon as I switch the grid off again, power consumption drops back to 3kw. This happens consistently, and under all scenarios of battery charge, how much I'm getting from the panels etc. If the grid is on, I'm using loads more power, even if none of the power comes from the grid. 

This is particularly a problem when the panels are not supplying all the energy - if I have the grid connected as a backup, the batteries get chewed up twice as fast. Also, the surge is power consumption is often enough to shut the whole system down i.e. if the house is using 6kw for example and I switch the grid on, the consumption jumps up enough for the inverter to fall over. 

Loving my solar, but it would be great to solve this problem, as it means I need to manage the system a lot more than should be necessary. 

Any ideas?



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