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Luxpower inverter charging CFE battery without my request


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If anyone can help with this please?

I have a Luxpower eco hybrid inverter - SNA5000 WPV, my battery is a CFE-5100S


I'm aware of how to request a time based charge from the grid via the app and have used this successfully nightly. However, the system has been charging the battery via the grid seemingly randomly the last few days - until the battery hits 100%. Even though I have all the times set to 00:00 - ie no request for grid/ac charging, And even though the sun was still out (3/4pm, ) and the battery was at around 70% charge.

I've mailed luxpowertec and they say: Battery BMS requested to force charge battery from AC, Please check with battery engineer to resolve this issue. 

here's the screen shot from luxpower



and here's what the app showed at the time of random charging






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26 minutes ago, BrendanR said:

a one minute charge at midnight - hopefully cancelling out any other charges?

If the timers act accordingly, yes.
Then at least if you see a 1 minute charge you will know that your current settings apply 24 hours within the Inverter program code. 

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I have been using exactly that method to charge the battery at night, and it performs as expected - It's the unexpected ones that I'm scratching my head about. Where I have not set the charge times to charge at all - ie they're at 00:00 start and 00:00 end.

I can try as you suggested but I'm not sure how it's any different to what I was already doing?

thanks anyway for taking the time to help

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