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Jean Vos

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Good morning!

I have searched the forum for "Best Settings" but there are so many different answers that i thought I could ask.

I have 12 x 105A Lead Acid batteries in Parrallel-Series to make up 48V with 3 x Vicron Balancers configured as the attachment.

I have a 5500W Inverter set to charge at 50A.  No solar panels.  My inverter is configured as per the screenshots

I know the cut-off voltage is set too low, but this is how i figured out to get  a "best" accurate battery capacity reading

I am new to this, pleae help if you have a moment

Best Regards




Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 07.37.19.png

Screenshot 2023-04-15 at 07.39.35.png

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You need to check the charging recommendation for your batteries. The voltages seem high compared to the deep cycle batteries I had. You probably also want to add solar to reduce the impact of daytime cycles under stage 5 to 15. My lead acids only lasted a year.

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