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Growatt SPF 5000


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we have a need of advice/support about one problem which periodically we face for off-grid PV system with 2 pcs Growatt SPF 5000 (in parallel) and 3 pcs Growatt ARK-2.5L-A1- when the battery is going to a very low-level through the night the inverter SPF5000 is turning off and then in the morning does not start automatically. Can you advise us on how to avoid or proceed in such an undesired regime of work?!

Thank you in advance!

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Make sure your program code 04 "power saving" is set to disabled.

I have also set program code 05 and o6 to enabled, whether that has any effect on the auto restart after low battery cut-off, I don't know.
What I did find with my Inverter which is still the original with the 40.XX series firmware is that after a low battery shutdown in Li Protocol mode, it will start the recharge from Solar but the Inverter will only kick in the AC output once the Battery SOC reaches 30%. Whether that's the battery BMS or Inverter causing it, I also don't know. Might have to test in Voltage mode to see if that makes a difference. My Hubble shuts down at 20% SOC and whether I set the Inverter to 10% SOC cut off has no influence, the BMS shuts down at 20%.
You can always contact the Growatt International Rep to see if they have any solution to your's not auto restarting. Mine restarts automatically but then I have to be patient until the AC Relay kicks in.


contact info for Amos Yang via email or on whatsapp


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