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Pylontec UP5000 and MPP Solar PIP5048MK Setup


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Hi All


I need some advice with regards to setting up my 2 Pylontec UP5000 batteries?

The Hardware.

1. 2 off Pylontec UP5000

2. MPP Solar PIP 5048MK inverter

3 6 off 335W Canadian Solar Panels.


1. Should I leave the Dipswitches all on 0000?

2. As far as I understand; when the batteries are connected to the inverter via the RS485 port, I don't have to Manually input any settings on the Inverter, Is this true?

If not, what should the basic settings be, Program 02, 05,12,13,26,27,29 etc?

3. Should the batteries be balanced first, if so , how would I do that?

4. What would the start up procedure look like?


Thanks guys


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