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Infini 3KW plus USB/RS232 disconnection issue


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My Infini 3KW + is connected to my PC using the USB interface for data logging and monitoring. However, the USB gets disconnected randomly. When this happens, I have to exit Solar Power Software and then re-start it. But sometimes, even this does not work and I need to re-start the PC. But sometimes even restarting the PC does not work. The USB cable needs to be physically removed and then re-connected to get it to start working again. In windows device manager USB ports, I get a yellow caution triangle with one of the USB connected devices. Physically removing the USB cable and reconnecting it makes the triangle go away and everything works. Sometimes it can go on for a whole day without getting disconnected, sometimes it gets disconnected after a few hours or minutes. In the Infini event log, I get a message 'Communication lost'.

So I thought this is a USB problem, and I got a serial to USB cable so I could try connecting with the RS232 port of the Infini. Now this worked better and I didn't get disconnected for more than 2 days. But then yesterday, I also got disconnected on the serial port with the same message appearing in the log 'Communication lost'. Removed the cable reconnected again and its been working fine since. Overall, the serial connection seems to be much more reliable than the USB one.

Has anyone else faced such an issue? Is this an Infini issue? Is there a solution to this? Firmware update, communication setting change etc. Which is the preferred way to connect USB cable, Serial to serial cable, Serial to USB cable?  I am on Windows 10 by the way.

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