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No changes in KWh per day

Nadeem Ahmed

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I have recently installed Infini V 5KW inverter at my house.  It runs all of my household lights, fans, 2 referigerators, 1 inverter based air conditioner.  A microwave and an iron is also on it but they are occasionally used for short periods.  There is a second inverter based air conditioner which I have not connected to this inverter yet.  I have 3-phase grid supply available.Throughout the day, the load varies anywhere from 600W to 2500W.  I am using SUB and off-grid modes.

I have 3 strings of 325W x 3 Renesola solar panels (9 panels) connected at PV1 input of this system.  At peak sunny days, I have noticed these panels going up to providing 2KW of power (as shown on the inverter LCD).

I was expecting to get some electricity saving each month but I was surprised to notice that I got almost the same amounts of KWh units consumed as last month.  Then I started taking readings from my grid meter on daily basis.  My daily consumption was between 36-41 units per 24 hours.  I then kept my inverter switched off for 24 hours and put its load directly on grid.  After 24 hours, I had the same consumption of electricity i.e. 38KWh.

This is not what I was expecting.  What could I be doing wrong?  Any suggestions from the group?

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