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Replacement parts recommendation


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Hi Guys,

I had some bad luck last week, my solar system got fried by lightning. And my batts cried after the untimely death of the inverter, came home to a splash pool size of battery "tears" on the floor.

I am in the final stages of the insurance claim, and just want some advise and recommendations for replacement.


1x 5kw rebranded Axpert II

4x 355w Canadian Solar Kupower PV,

4x 120AH Flooded batts

1x HA-02 - Seems to be toast, as the differences we're massive on the battery bank, and it's not squealing like an angry Mozzie anymore.

And then some cables etc.

Day time load:

400w base load, plus 1kw, for 4 hours 10-2pm for the Pool pump.

The system was sufficient to carry all load from around 8am, to 4pm, where I would switch to utility mode to save batts in case of load shedding, and then Batt mode around bed time.

This was quite tedious to manually do daily so a bit of automation in this regard would be appreciated.

Evening average around 500w load 6Pm-6AM.

Your suggestions would be appreciated on a replacement system, maybe upgrades if there is budget.





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