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Hello everyone,
escuse me for my bad english this is a Google translation.
10 months ago I bought a MPPSOLAR MPI 5.5KW hybrid inverter. this inverter is the same as the model from infiny solar voltronic power. After a few days of operation, it broke down, error 6. After long discussions with MPP SOLAR, I received a new inverter, the same model. the second comes in turn to break down with the same error code 6. This error code corespond to a temperature error in the charger part (DC to DC board). Whenever they broke down the charger did not charge more than 25A at 62V DC. my batteries are lithium ion, 15S. I found that on the first board DC to DC, one of the MOSFET was exploded (IRFB7730).
On the 2nd board the MOSFETs are of another model (CSD19505KCS).
On the 2nd board, the Mosfets did not explode, but transil 5KP54A diodes located next to the MOSFETs were disbursed from the board and fell into the bottom of the case. When I looked at the data, I noticed that the temperature had risen to 102 ° C, and this in a few seconds.
MPP SOLAR, asked me for photos of the board, and replied that he was going to see with the engineers, but since 10 days, no news, I sent a new email, but no answer for now.

‌Do you think I can fix the boards? I can buy MOSFETs and transil diodes, but without any diagrams I do not know if there are other parts to change.
Someone can help me.



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