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Best tie grid inverter for self consumption


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I am designing my PV project for my house and thought to ask for advise of what would be the best inverter for the set up. The array would be 3kw (possible future extension to 5-6Kw) and it will be connected to the Grid with limitations to Zero Export (regulations might change in the future with possibilities for Net metering and best case FIT). At the moment will no be using Batteries but I am open for a small capacity if the set up works properly. 

On a daily basis, the System will be powered first with PV, next Batteries should be able to cover any peaks of demand over the day discharging them 20% of the capacity, and latest should be the Grid (PV+20%Batt+Grid). Also, the Batt should be able to cover any Peak demand that the Grid cannot supply (in my country the agreement with the provider is in scales of consumption and therefore would like to drop this to the minimum range 2.2Kwh)


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The current inverters on the market that would be able to do this, will be Grid Tie inverters Rated as a Zero Export (GTIL, Solax...). Hybrid Inverters Off Grid-Tie Grid inverters not suitable as they will stop producing PV energy as soon as my consumption goes over the PV production getting all energy from the Grid.

The Solax inverters has got the function of Zero Export/Limiters, also the possibility of Dump Loads, which makes them great to maximise Self Consumption but I have encountered a couple of issues on their settings.

- Work Mode: Self Use. (PV+BATT+GRID), this will discharge completely the batteries before connecting to the Grid. Also over the night, the Batteries will be used first. 

Can't see neither a work mode of PV+GRID+BATT.

I am asking too much to my project or I am missing something and should be thinking in two different setups one PV array for the PV+GRID and another PV array for BATT? How difficult would be to Integreat Batt later on to the system?



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