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R Pi Venus GX GSM modem equivalent?


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26 minutes ago, phil.g00 said:

Is there an equivalent USB-to-GSM (mobile network) module, or a workaround to get the VRM facility via GSM for the R PI Venus solution?

Yes. It is Linux, so any GSM modem that will work on linux can be made to work, but you might have to add tools like usb_modeswitch (because some GSM modems show up as a cdrom with drivers and have to be kicked into modem mode), and you may have to mess with pppd and chatscripts and so on. I have no idea how much work it'd be. If it was me, I'd stick an old cellphone next to it, enable the hotspot, and just use WiFi. Or I'd get one of those GSM->Ethernet things.

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A bit more research shows that in the guts of it, it uses the standard pppd method. It simply calls a peer called "provider", so your standard places in /etc/ppp/peers/provider, /etc/pap-secrets, /etc/chap-secrets, and /etc/chatscripts/gsm. Fix those to work with the GSM modem you plugged in (find one that is supported), and after that it should be as easy as deleting the file /service/ppp/down so that daemontools starts pppd automatically at bootup.

To find a modem that is supported... look at the ubuntu forums. But generally it is a bit of a mess. Hence my previous reply.

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