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Reliable measurements?


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I've got workmen in my house busy with renovations. They are firing up all sorts of powered tools.

I fired up the EZ Manager app out of curiosity, to see what the load was an how my system was handling it.

Well it told me it was pulling 6.46 kw from the panels. A few minutes later this figured dropped to 1.9, then shot up again to 4.75. 4.75 kw is more PV than I actually have.

It seems to me these apps (or at least the goodwe apps) work only with 1 or 2 reliable inputs and then guestimate the rest. 

So is this how it is? You get approximate readings, understand that they're approximate and the only really meaningful reading is the electricity meter at the end of the month?

I understand that SEMS portal isn't real time, that it gets samples every 5 minutes or so and thus must present a smoothed out graph. 

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