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Please help with advice in setting up my panel configuration

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Good afternoon, I am a newbie to the community, and am slowly setting up my semi-off grid independent power supply.

I have a Victron Easy Solar 5kva unit, and would like to maximize the PV power to the unit. My panels are 365watts each with an OCV of 47.8v. My question being, there are 3 Mc4 inputs on the MPPT controller @ 5800 watts maximum. Should I "series" wire 3 panels, and then " parallel " wire another series-set  to that, so that makes up each complete set to each Mc4 input on the controller? Thats a total of 18 panels required for the 3 inputs.. am I going in the right direction with the set up? Each of the 6 panels will be on a different part of the house as the roof is too small to take them all in one lot.

What additional protection would I need to install on the panels, and suggestions on fuses, and lightning surge protectors?

Please let me know if I am going the right way with this ..

Many thanks ..

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