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Introduction and Hi

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Hi All. 

New here, so I thought I will first say hi and give some background as to what I will be using this forum for. 

Like many, the load shedding has taken it’s toll, and with the new Eskom chief finally indicating that load shedding will become more permanent, the incentive is now there for me to invest in some convenience. 

My needs are simple

1 - provide up to 4 hours or 2x2 hours of load shedding of my critical (read convenience) load

2 - if budget and payback allow, add some solar generation for self consumption and battery recharge during the day

I am not looking to go off grid, sell back or supply my full peak power requirement. 

So far my research (including this forum) has taught me allot, which I also enjoy, so I am excited about this journey, all be it small when compared to some of the installs here. 

I have settled on a Multiplus II 3kVa GX unit and Pylon 2.4 battery. 

Next to understand is

- What to consider and how to determine the amount of panels and MPPT charger size

- What are all the other bibs and bobs needed for an install (i.e. wires, combiner boxes, compliance etc)

- How to choose a reputable installer that doesn’t see my address and try and sell me a mini Medupi. 

Thanks in advance for all the help or cross references to where things have already been discussed



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