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What inverter do I need


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Good day,

I want to get an inverter to supply power to some of my house during the rolling blackouts so looking at the 5KW axpert series. At first This would be the inverter and battery bank to have the lights on and run a few plugs and expand from there.

However as funds permit I want to add Solar panels after words to offset power usage during the day at least, not just there for charging the batteries, so I need an inverter that can use the power from the panels on the output and also blend in utility power if the panels don't make enough to run the load.

I want to try make the most of the system and not let it sit idle doing nothing. So as I have researched it seems the Axpert King can do this and maybe the Axpert VM III? However I think I need the controller to be able to take a certain amount of voltage for it to be able to power a load if I understand it correctly?

So a little confused as to which inverter I need, there might be others that can do this too, as I don't want to have to go buy something different down the line.

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