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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason
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Good morning,

We have a solar system installed.

The solar panels work fantastic for all appliances in the house BUT HAS A PROBLEM LOADING THE BATTERIES.

Inverter Synapse 5.0 +, Battery Pylon 3.5 kw li-on,  Monitor Watch Power.

Issues regarding the battery:

  • The 6 green lights on the battery are most of the time all on,   regarding the battery capacity.
  • Another point of interest is when Program 29 is set to 42, battery shows 100% full and when program 29 is set to 47.5, battery shows 48% full.
  • Settings Program 02 - 30, Program 05 - use , Program 09 - 50 ,  Program 11 - uti 2 , Program 12 - 48 , Program13 - 53 ,  Program16 - slb- udc ,  Program 26 - 53.5 , Program 27 - 52.5 , Program 29 -  47.5.

This setting was done by  technician from Rubicon.

Need some help Gert




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