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WatchPower IOS app not loging in

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I recently purchased a WatchPower wifi module for my mecer Axpert 5P64 inverter.

After connecting the device and configuring it to my home wireless internet (both of which are working correctly), I tried to register on the WatchPower IOS app.

It says registration successful, but when I try to log in again it says user name not found.

After trying to register again, it says that my device has already been registered.

I also tried the android app with the same message showing.


Is there any way I can be helped to get the app working? i'm sure I am using the correct user name and/or  alternatively is there a way to re-register the device.

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the info both from WatchPower, and Axpert says that is compatible, and the Wifi module does seem to be working with the three lights flashing (showing that the connection is correct and that it is sending info to the net), it seems to be the watchpower IOS account, its not allowing me to log in, totally shutting down my user account info (continuesly saying that the account is not found). were the device not compatible wouldn't it have allowed me to log onto the account and thereafter not show the device in the app itself.

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