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Pressure Switch Question.


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Hi Guys,

I have a automatic pump control type PC13.

It is connected to a pump and a pressure tank.

The pump control range is 2 bar to 4 bar, switches the pump on at 2 bar and off at 4 bar, but it only switch the pump on when the pressure drop to below 1 bar.

It was working perfectly for more than 4 years and then I picked up the problem, it started shortly after I replaced the leaking pressure tank with a new one.

 Is there any way I can increase the switch on pressure?


Neville Barnardo

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Ensure all the water openings are free of grit.

New standalone switches are available everywhere. Some are adjustable.

They replace pressure tanks - my current one does not include a pressure tank.

You can open it it for adjustment but is a trial and error exercise.


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