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Mini LED Projectors on Average Solar System


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Good Day All,

I am very new to the whole Solar System story. although my parents have been living with it for 7 years now.

I moved here from the city recently with my  3 year old who is use to watching his before bedtime story on the tellie, this luxury is now something of the past. I would like to buy a LED Projector but I am not sure whether it will work on my parents system and if I will deplete the system by using it. Can someone please give some advice on which Mini LED Projector to buy or what system requirements must be met before purchasing one. Dont want to buy one and then I cant use it on their system. Is there someone on the group that might have some personal experience with regards to Mini LED Projectors and the requirements for Solar systems.

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Most LED projectors are small and use a built in battery so that that they can be portable. To charge the battery will be similar to changing a cellphone although the battery will be larger and thus take a bit longer.
But this should not have any real impact on an existing solar installation and usage.

The be more accurate you will need to look at the power rating (LED projects should be in the range of 10-50W). For an hour usage at 50W you will use 50Wh. Your notebook will normally be between 50W - 120W. 

PS. The big thing to watch out for with these LED projectors are their resolution they work with (480 x 320 is poor while 800 x 480 is better) and the brightness (200 lumens you need a dark room, 800 lumens is not bad). 

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