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Synapse 5kW Off Grid Inverter


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Dear Forum - HELP Please!

I am entirely off-grid.

When boosting my battery bank (4 x 2.4kW Pylontechs) using my back-up generator my Synapse 5kW inverter much of the time (a lot lately) won't take the charge.

The generator is a 6.5kVA unit.  I would like to charge the bank at a rate of 40A but this is hardly ever possible.  Sometimes when this problem occurs I'll need to drop the incoming charge down to 10A for the Inverter to accept it.  Then I'll raise it gradually to 20A, and then sometimes if I'm lucky to 30A but then usually after a few minutes the Inverters disengages the charge and I have to drop it to 20A again or even 10A and start the process again.  I am tearing my hair out having to spend so much time in front of the inverter checking & adjusting settings.

Also the inverter almost always disengages the generator charge when the house's water pressure pump switches on...

Any suggestions please?


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