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Pylontech and King Inverter


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I recently installed a home UPS, which combines 2 x Mecer Axert King 5000W HYbrid Inverters with 2 x Pylontech US3000 lithium-iron batteries.  When my Sub-DB, which connects to the twin inverters is on "Change Over" the Pylontechs SOC LED lights come on and off every minute or so, showing that the batteries are fully charged.  However when I switch the Sub-DB back to Eskom, the red Alarm LED on both my batteries goes on (a steady light) after around 2 or 3 days.   When I then switch the Sub-DB back to "Change Over" the Red Alarm LED goes off and the full SOC LED"s light up again.  This is repeated a few days after I switch the Sub-DB back to Eskom. According to the US3000 Manual a solid RED LED Alarm light means the batteries are "under protection". What does that mean?  Does it mean that the batteries are healthy and on an appropriate float voltage, or does it mean that the batteries are not charging when the system is on Eskom?

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