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UFO-Powerwall 4.8Kwh.48V


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Hi Guys,


Can someone maybe help,i have a Sofar 6000 ES Hybrid inverter hooked up to a UFO-lithium Wall mounted battery..


The problem i am having is that the BMS is not talking to the inverter,i took the cable that came with the Inverter and plugged it into the Inverter Can port and the other side that says battery into the battery CAN port.....But nothing happens,..Inverter just gives error that says BMS is disconnected...


So i checked the wiring diagrams on the Inverter CAN port and the Battery CAN port and it looked like CANL and CANH was difrent on the battery,so my qeuestion is should CANH from the Inverter go to the CANL on the battery ,or CANH-CANH and CANL-CANL...


I cannot use the battery now because it is not charging or discharging not even showing up on the inverter,,,,



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