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VM III not saving max charging current


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I have a Voltronic VM III 5k with only one US2000 Pylontech module, so I set the Maximum charging current (parameter 02) to 20A. It has been perfectly working for one year, charging the battery in the mornings as far as 20A (about 950W).

Now I have purchased another Pylontech module, US2000 too. I have connected both and they are working. My Voltronic VM II has Pylontech support and it informs that there is two modules in the LCD display. Also ICC inform of the two modules and its voltages, temp, ...

So I proceed to change Maximum charging current parameter to 50A, but it come back to 20A after a few seconds. I have tried from the LCD display, from Watch Power bluetooth app, and from ICC.

It looks like if it is applied for a few seconds, I can see my batteries charging at 1500w, but suddlenly come back to 950w. I double check the Maximum charging current parameter and it is at 20A again.

It is like if Pylontech battery communicates with Inverter and replace the parameter

Any similar experience? Any clue?
The only idea that I have is changing the modules position, set the older module as master.


Of course, my two US2000 batteries are different versions, because they were purchased with a year of difference. I have put the newest as master battery.

Newer Pylontech US2000 part number: US2000NB02V00101 Date of production: 2020-31-15
Older Pylontech US2000 part number: ?¿ (I will update)
Voltronic VM III firmware version: 20.25


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